Effective leaders act with full awareness that every decision they make is a trade-off between two opposing forces. Every choice comes with both a cost and a benefit. People in leadership positions are well aware of the constant struggle to satisfy short-term needs while also supporting long-term goals. However, this quest for balance manifests itself in many ways, including:pic4

  • Compliance vs. Commitment
  • Task vs. Relationship
  • Efficiency vs. Innovation
  • Reacting to Problem vs. Creating Solution
  • Profit vs. Values¬†¬† (Triple bottom line)

These dichotomies, and many more, could be discussed at length, but the point is that developing leadership capabilities from this perspective results in a more effective organization driven by more committed personnel.

Be Possible helps clients grow leadership in three different stages:


involves the basic skills and attributes required to lead oneself and others effectively.
builds the foundation for leading managers, functions and ultimately the entire organization.
planning for continuity and responding to the unexpected with acceptance & creativity.

Growth in each of these stages involves developing a level-specific skill set, but they all depend on a foundation of fundamental competencies for success that include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Learning Agility
  • Communication
  • Influence

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