Leadership Development

Be Possible works with individuals, teams and whole organizations to develop a strong foundation of fundamental skills to replace reactivity with creativity.


Leading Self

Increase personal effectiveness and performance for individual contributors, professional staff and emerging leaders preparing for management roles.

We start with attention training, the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities, to create a quality of mind that is calm, clear and present.

People who complete this program develop the ability to observe their own thoughts and emotions with clarity, objectivity and from a third person perspective.

Increase your ability to effectively respond to the reality of the current environment with calm confidence, and to make decisions and take action from a place of clarity and purpose. Replace reactivity with creativity through:

  • Self-awareness, increase the ability to:
    • Embrace flexibility
    • Tolerate ambiguity
    • Understand your own values
    • Be more skilled in relationship with other people
  • Self-management, increase the ability to:
    • Do whatever it takes
    • Establish credibility
  • Self-responsibility, increase the ability to:
    • Lead with purpose
    • Deliver results

Leading others

When employees advance to become leaders of individual contributors and teams, they need to know how to effectively accomplish goals through the efforts of others. Be Possible programs develop the capacity required to:

  • Build and maintain highly functioning relationships based on trust, empathy and accountability,
  • Facilitate conflict resolution and problem solving that fosters learning and collaboration,
  • Courageously and compassionately investigate and correct misperceptions and counter productive behavior,
  • Communicate effectively for negotiation of resources and delegation of tasks,
  • Coach and develop others,
  • Embrace and adapt to change,
  • Lead team achievement.

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