Leadership Succession

Sometimes a change in leadership is expected. Other times it happens suddenly. Either way, with or without a formal succession plan in place, replacing a CEO, founder or other influential leader can destabilize an organization’s vision, its strategy and ultimately even its very existence.


Be Possible facilitates the transition from what is now to what is next with a fluid, responsive process that can adapt to any situation. It may involve helping a company founder conceive a five-year exit plan to prepare for this fundamental change to her company and her life after decades at the helm. It may require challenging an executive team to let go of the past and envision a positive new reality after an unexpected leadership change.

Leadership succession is a process of transformation without manipulation. An effective facilitator does not define the destination, but instead designs a path of collective realization. It is a path we have traveled many times, through many different landscapes, so there is no reason to go it alone.

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