At the core of change resistance is fear of the unknown. We may not be able to predict with absolute certainty the outcome of a particular decision, but by fully engaging the team, building trust and accessing the collective knowledge that is available, we can successfully navigate any challenge that comes our way.

Leaders often do not recognize the collective knowledge and support they have available to help them make decisions. Even if they are aware of this resource, all too often they believe they lack the time or power to access it.

The good news is that there is a way to defuse challenges and open a channel of communication and trust that will increase your likelihood of success by boosting:

Flexibility Accountability Capacity EngagementS

Be Possible is your partner through the process of navigating change:


Discovery – Gather information and resources through stakeholder analysis, assessment of collective options and alternatives

Envision – Design and refine an adaptable approach

Engage/Experiment – Actively embrace the change process and harvest the learning

Integrate – Stabilize progress for sustainability

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