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Reba Meriwood

Reba Meriwood Headshot (Color).jpg

Reba Meriwood is a partner in Be-Possible, a Leadership and Organizational

Development Coaching and Consulting firm. She brings 20 years

experience working with large and small business owners, community

leaders and non-profit organizations to increase organizational excellence

and individual engagement and effectiveness.


Reba thrives on coaching leaders to communicate and delegate more

effectively to gain better collaboration and utilization from their teams,

resulting in leaders getting ahead of business needs, achieving penetration

into new markets and increasing revenue. Facilitating teams, she engages

groups to reveal the collective intelligence in the room while ensuring that

all personality types participate fully and with enthusiasm in order to reveal

unexpected ideas and generate solutions.


Reba earned her B.S. in Behavioral Psychology from the University of

Ann Arbor, MI then completed an intensive study in metaphysical sciences

(NLP). She achieved her M.A. in Leadership and Organizational

development at LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University to continue

her study and practice of human systems.


Reba is dedicated to community development and volunteers with arts

organizations. She serves on the Board of Directors for Unexpected

Productions, Seattle's longest running Improv Theatre and educational group, serves as the interim Director at The inartsnw, a 30-person live-in arts

collective on Capitol Hill and is a volunteer consultant with 501 Commons

and Leadership Eastside, a Leadership Development Non-profit organization.

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