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Why We Specialize in Racial Equity Adaptive Leadership (R E A L)

The core of what organizational consultants do is help organizations through transitions. The transition that we are most passionate about is the REAL program, the Racial Equity Adaptive Leadership Program. This is a process that an organization is committed to. They have racial equity as either part of their purpose and/or necessary in order to achieve their mission statement.


We help organizations transform to be able to BE that. The doing comes from the being. If we do not transform the being part, all the doing, all of the structure, all the training, all of the I.T. systems, all the policies and procedures. They’ll just repeat the same social conditioning of oppression. In order for that to happen, we have to gain visibility into the social conditioning of our DNA and our makeup which exists simply because we grew up in this country.


The failing of effectiveness of diversity, equity and inclusion often come from the lack of understanding of systems.

Organizational development brings a systems approach. If I do not approach it from a systems place, the chances of it succeeding are highly compromised at best.


As leadership development and organizational consultants, we approach every equity, diversity and inclusion project with a focus on the strategic, systemic level to integrate the changes at the cellular level of the organization. 



Who We Are

Be Possible works with organizations and individuals to address the root cause of roadblocks and disconnects that stifle the natural creative intelligence of the group. Sustainable success requires the tools and knowledge to grow leadership and navigate change. We help organizations get clarity on real needs and goals, expand capacity and create independence.


Every organization naturally brings a complex environment of building engaged teams of employees. We are dedicated to making the interpersonal dynamics within business better for everyone.  Whether that is by developing plans for entire companies or creating personal coaching for you and your team. We fully support your growth with high-quality training that is tailored to your mission, your people, and your company culture.


Open communication built on a foundation of trust results in a sense of peace and possibility that can endure the unknown territory of the change process. Relationships are dynamic from person to person, situation to situation.  


We consider all aspects from personal unconscious beliefs to the greater organizational culture. We facilitate activities based not just on what it looks like today, but what it will look like ten months and ten years after the workshops

Be Possible is based in Seattle, however, we work with organizations across the U.S. and globally. We listen to our clients, taking their vision to bring to life - and custom design solutions to assess, identify root beliefs causing internal challenges and apply proven systems to help your business thrive.

The Work that We Do Makes the Invisible Visible

The visible is the symptom  The invisible is the source. The pain point is the symptom. What we really want to do is get to the source.  When we do the work there, many problems resolve. Many of the symptoms resolve.

Common Symptoms that Show Up

  • Your company is experiencing rapid growth pains.
  • Significant change in leadership, laws or technology.
  • Increase in litigation, unionization, broken contracts or injury.
  • Need support to convert conflict into the fuel for innovation.
  • Change in the market, customer base or competitors. ​

Meet the Owner

Kristina Katayama.png

Meet Kristina Katayama, Owner, Be Possible LLC

Kristina Katayama, principal of Be Possible LLC, is an experienced consultant that activates culture for social impact, and has a strong background in leadership and organizational development for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. With over 25 years of experience, she helps organizations transform theory into collective application and operational practices.

Kristina has a proven track record of facilitating whole systems change processes to transform cultures that lead to a liberated sense of belonging by increasing purpose driven engagement. She has successfully worked in cross-cultural environments, collaborating on cross-functional projects in Australia, China, Japan, Cambodia, Honduras, Nicaragua and across the European Union.

As a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, Kristina has played a crucial role in initiatives as the managing director for Be Possible. She works with government, nonprofits, and for profit corporations, including organizations such as the City of Seattle, Port of Seattle, University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center, the Freedom Project, Leadership Eastside, and Habitat for Humanity, designing and implementing culture change processes to build bridges between executive leadership and staff.

During her time at the Port of Seattle, Kristina partnered with senior leaders to drive organization-wide culture change efforts. She designed and delivered organizational culture inventories, engagement surveys, leadership development and organizational effectiveness programs, provided consultation on strategic change and performance management to enhance team cohesion, and advanced diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, impact and outcomes.


Kristina holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, and a BA in International Relations from Western Washington University. She has received extensive training in areas such as emotional intelligence, neuroscience of leadership development, trauma-informed approach to relationship and power dynamics, multi-cultural awareness, appreciation and humility, and courageous bridge-building across significant differences.

As the lead consultant on multiple contracts, Kristina brings the ability to navigate complex organizational, political and social power dynamics. Her ability to transform conflict into trust building breakthroughs and appreciation leads to meaningful change, and sustainable, learning cultures that develop inclusive environments within government agencies.


Additional Details

  • 15 years of experience in executive coaching

  • Clients include: University of Washington (Foster School of Business, School of Nursing), Microsoft, AT&T Wireless, IBM Japan, GM Europe, City of Seattle, Port of Seattle, Habitat for Humanity, Harborview Medical Center.

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