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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Get REAL (Racial Equity Adaptive Leadership)
Get Beyond Talking about Equity to Being Equitable

Many people believe in the illusion of a broken system. Contrary to popular belief, our current system produces predictable outcomes based on race, class, ability, gender and other social factors. Given the centuries-long reality of socialized and institutionalized inequities, equity is a courageous and noble aspiration, and will take nothing less than transformational change.

If you’re reading this, we assume you want to:

  • Get beyond talking about equity to being equitable

  • Be known for upholding the value that the wellbeing of all life matters

  • Get the aligned engagement needed to produce the outcomes that reflect that value

Examples of what that could look like include:

  • Reduced inequities in recruitment, hiring, development and promotion practices, such that your staff and leadership reflect the diversity of the clients you serve

  • Reduced staff complaints, suits and turnover, especially among people of color

  • Increased trust and engagement amongst all staff and leadership toward fulfilling your mission together

And, by extension that could transform into:​

  • Visibility into the outcomes produced, such that you are recognized by:

    • Your industry as leading the way

    • The greater community as living up to your values

  • Reducing the inequities in the delivery of services to all your clientele

  • Ultimately, creating extended partnerships toward living out the American dream, where all people are created equal

So what does equity mean anyway?
and... how do you operationalize it?
Especially when people feel vulnerable and/or become volatile in the face of this conflict-ridden topic?

To begin to answer that question, we start with an Equity Analysis to reveal the disparity between promoted institutional values and the lived reality of inequitable outcomes.

Then we facilitate an experiential learning process to:

  • Examine race, power, white privilege, and institutional racism to deepen understanding and practices around:

    • Racial equity

    • Social impacts of oppression

    • Economic impacts of oppression​

  • Introduce anti-oppression skills and build adult capacity to:

    • Navigate conflict in restorative ways

    • Increase equitable outcomes of historically undermined communities

After that, you will be ready for an applied practicum, where we guide you through a process to:

  • Identify and prioritize core equity dilemma(s)

  • Identify and mobilize people around shared purpose and values

  • Skillfully navigate conflict across different lived realities

  • Work together differently to co-create a more equitable reality


With the insight gained through the practicum, your organization is now ready to engage in a collective process to reconstruct your operational systems. With a REAL foundation, this is accomplished with shared leadership and shared responsibility to produce more equitable outcomes.

Making the Shift to Change the Outcomes

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